Practice aeras

Rental disputes

Are you experiencing difficulties with your housing: rental debt, eviction, unhealthy conditions, etc.? Sandrine BERESSI assists you and represents you at all stages before and before the protection judge and the local court. Do not wait for your situation to worsen and get bogged down; in all cases, it is better to act as quickly as possible.

Right to Housing – DALO

You have benefited from a decision of the Mediation Commission but despite several reminders, no housing has been offered to you by the prefect? This is a fault of the State and you can be compensated. Me Sandrine BERESSI brings the compensation appeal before the administrative court.

Divorce and separation

Depending on your situation, Me Sandrine BERESSI will accompany you in the most appropriate procedure to preserve the interest of your children and yours while guaranteeing the respect of each one.

Thanks to her training in mediation and collaborative process, Sandrine BERESSI will help you get through these difficult moments with understanding and efficiency.

Liquidation of community or undivided ownership

The pronouncement of a divorce is followed by the liquidation of the matrimonial property. The liquidation of your matrimonial regime consists in determining what will return to each spouse at the end of the divorce. It can intervene in an amicable setting or in the course of proceedings. How should they be divided? What are the claims between spouses or cohabitants? Complex rules apply. Sandrine BERESSI explains how to liquidate and distribute the assets and assists you in this complex process.



Civil partnership – PACS

Civil partnership (PACS) is a contract between two people organising their life together. If the procedure of this union is very accessible, it is advisable to ensure a good understanding of the guiding principles and the legal consequences. Sandrine BERESSI drafts a PACS for you that corresponds to your specific needs and meets your requirements for legal security.


Foreigners' rights

Applying for asylum in France

You have fled your country for political reasons or because the authorities could not ensure your protection: Sandrine BERESSI will assist you in the preparation of your asylum application and will assist you before the OFPRA and/or the Cour Nationale du Droit d’Asile.

Living in France with a residence permit

If you live in France and have a residence permit but encounter several difficulties in your daily life, Sandrine BERESSI can help you:

  • You want your family back home to join you;
  • Your parents have not visited you for a long time and you cannot obtain a visa for them;
  • The prefect refuses to renew your residence permit;
  • The CAF does not give you benefits for your children.

You live in France but do not have a residence permit

Sandrine BERESSI will help you to complete the procedures at the Prefecture when you are faced with one of the following situations:

  • You have been living in France for some time and wish to regularise your situation because you have children born in France and attending school;
  • You work and your employer agrees to support you.

Emergency situations

  • You are placed in an administrative detention centre: Sandrine BERESSI assists you in front of the Judge of freedoms and detention at the Judicial Court.
  • You arrive in France and you have been refused entry and placed in a waiting zone at the airport: Sandrine BERESSI will appeal to the Administrative Court and defend you before the Judge for liberties and detention at the Judicial Court
  • You apply for asylum but it appears that your fingerprints have been taken in another EU country and you are subject to a “Dublin” procedure? Sandrine BERESSI can assist you in challenging the transfer order before the Administrative Court.

Alternative modes of dispute resolution - ADRs

Everyone knows the adage “a bad settlement is better than a good trial” but the opposite is also true!

The flexibility of ADRs (Alternative Dispute Resolution) makes them an extremely effective tool for hearing and fully respecting the will of each party, while simultaneously ensuring serene and legally secure negotiation. They can accompany the judicial process or replace it.

Sandrine BERESSI’s dual training in mediation and collaborative law enables her to accompany you in the search for an alternative solution to the lawsuit, whether or not the latter has been initiated.

Indeed, in many situations, it is advantageous to reach a balanced agreement between parties.

It is important, if you are to continue to be in a relationship with the person you are opposing, that the conflicts are resolved: in the case of joint children, or employment relationships, etc.

And when a relationship, whatever it may be, has to be broken off, it is better to do so in conditions that are peaceful and satisfactory for both parties.