Law Firm


To be a lawyer is of course to defend: through advice and procedural support.
It also means reasoning in the sense of thinking legally about the solution that will be proposed to my clients, as well as sometimes knowing how to bring them back to their senses.
The client’s interest certainly requires a mastery of the legal tool but also a perfect independence of thought in order to be able to find a sometimes daring answer.

Sandrine BERESSI has been a lawyer for more than 25 years and is a member of the Seine-Saint-Denis Bar Association. She has been practising in Montreuil-sous-Bois since 2001. She practices as a lawyer in rental disputes, family law and also in immigration law.

Her approach: involved, reactive and creative.

Sandrine BERESSI defends individuals in the disputes they encounter on a daily basis: rental debt, eviction, separation and divorce, PACS.

Sandrine BERESSI assists foreigners in their procedures: asylum, family reunification, expulsion.

Trained in mediation and collaborative law, Sandrine BERESSI will always favour the search for an amicable solution when possible and appropriate, but will defend your interests without concession.

Sandrine BERESSI puts her skills at the service of each of her clients, whose cases she handles herself as far as possible, guaranteeing them legal expertise, rigour and confidentiality.


Most of the time you chose me because a satisfied former client recommended you to come to me. Sometimes it was by chance that you came to me. I will never steer you in a sterile and useless direction. I will always tell you what I think is in your best interest, even if you had originally considered a different approach.
If the problem you are facing is not within my expertise, I will recommend a lawyer I know and who I know is competent in this area.
When you become my client, I will use all my know-how to defend you: all the legal and judicial resources I have mastered will be used to the best advantage. You will be defended.